Industrial Linings and Coatings to Protect and Enhance Metal and Concrete Plant and Equipment.

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With over 26 years of experience and expertise from our central UK operation and unrivalled investment in product development Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd is the leading applicator of protective coatings of rubber and composite materials.

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, YRL is a privatlely owned limited company, striving to meet the demands of an array of different clients.

Our mission statement, values and vision

Aiming for the highest standards of quality workmanship and behaviour in everything we do.

Leading the way forward in design and innovation for future technology in protective coatings and applications.

Reducing customer lead times to combat expensive shutdown and downtimes

Our Expertise

Yorkshire Rubber Linings Limited is one of the UKs Leading industrial coating specialists. They offer a wide range of products as well as creating bespoke products based on client needs. As well as normal shop hours, YRL are proud to offer a 24 hour emergency service in order to meet client demands.


Fully bonded, vulcanised linings for plant and equipment encountering arduous conditions such as: Corrosion; Chemical Attack; Abrasion & Wear; Weathering;

Ozone; Vandalism; Acids or Alkalis;

Oils or Grease; Sea Water and River Water.

Rubber linings are cut to size and applied by hand from un-vulcanized rubber sheets. The rubber lined parts are then vulcanized, the heat and steam reacts with the bonding systems and the rubber to create an extremely aggressive bond to the steel.

The following types of equipment are often rubber lined: Pressure vessels, storage tanks, hoppers and chutes, pipe, impellers, filter plates, valves, Road tankers, Rolling stock tankers etc.


Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd provide coatings solutions and repair systems designed to meet requirements in a diverse range of industries.

These include: Marine, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Nuclear, Mining, Minerals, Processing, Water Treatment,  Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and many Manufacturing and Engineering Industries.

We can appply the following composite coatings: Ceramic Coatings, Epoxy Resin Screed Coatings, Glass Flake, Polyurethane, SeaShiled Petrolatum systems, Concrete Coatings, Epoxy Paint Systems for both industrial and Marine.

Yorkshire Rubber linings Ltd can also apply Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, (GRP), Coatings & Products.


As part of our service we can remove any existing lining and repair any part of the metal substrate, which has suffered corrosion, mechanical or abrasion damage.

New metal fabrication, large or small, can be supplied where a complete unit including rubber lining is required. Our service includes full project management from design and drawings to manufacture and if required, installation.

We can offer CAD drawings; repair and replacement parts and special alloys such as Hastaloy and Incaloy where rubber lined products are not suitable. Fully qualified personnel to ASME and BS specifications carry out all our fabrications.

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